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ihideinmymusic asked: I also wanted to know, how did you meet and end up adopting Ophelia?

Oh my little Ophelia wormed her way into my heart when she was just 1-day old! A friend of mine who volunteers to bottle feed abandoned kittens for the humane society (she was found in a box) walked into my classroom with the sweetest and most precious kitten in the palm of her hand. I couldn’t say no - but I had to wait 8 weeks to adopt her! We have been inseparable ever since, except in the summer when I am in Italy and she summers with her grandpa (they are both equally obsessed with one another). 

I am really passionate about adopting shelter animals! I can definitely say that Ophelia brings so much love and joy into my life! She is currently snuggled up next to me, her favorite pastime when I study :)

ihideinmymusic asked: Since you're a cat owner, I wanted to spread the word that there is a temporary Cat Café in New York City right now from April 24 (today) through April 27 (Sunday). People can have coffee drinks and pre-packaged snacks (all prepared in separate room from the cats) while playing with the cats. All cats are adoptable! They come from North Short Animal League, the largest no-kill animal shelter. It's open from 10am to 7pm each day! There will be educational info sessions each day, too!

Oh my gosh this sounds like the cutest event, I wish I lived in NYC! FYI for anyone who does, you should definitely go!

Anonymous asked: I'm thinking about starting a blog! Do you have any tips you could give me? How should I start?

Hi! I think the most important thing is to produce original content (original photos and posts)! To do that, think about your voice, your point of view, and why you want to blog. 

Also I think it’s important to 1) Not over-crowd or over-complicate your layout/design. Clean and simple is always best. If you don’t have photoshop skills you can purchase professional looking banners and icons on Etsy. Blogger and Wordpress are the easiest ways to set up a free blog.

And 2) Don’t steal photos. This one is so important! You should always credit photos (on all of your social media platforms). This not only recognizes creative and intellectual property, it also connects you to other (and often quite successful) bloggers, which only helps you! And whenever possible, try to use original images and then others will credit you!

Hope this helps!

Hot pink and navy (and #lillypulitzer) always makes me feel #beautiful 💋 
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New arrivals in the #preppyprintshop
Ok let’s try this again (helps if you spell piece correctly lol)!
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🌺 Spring Blooms 🌺
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Ophelia says happy hump day 😻
It’s going to be a bright (bright) sun-shiny day 😎
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(On the #blog today) Sporty Spring Stripes
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Nothing brightens a Monday like a #lillypulitzer tunic!
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Last week of the semester, let’s do this!
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Happy Easter (it’s going to be a whale of a good time… sorry could resist)! #ootd #lillypulitzer #pinkandnavy #wiw
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